Monday, April 9, 2012

The Project

GOOD NEWS: Richard has arrived home.
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Between April 5th and April 9th, friends of writer and activist Richard Levangie raised money to assist him during his recovery from neurosurgery to treat a pituitary tumor. 

In exchange for every donation, in any amount, we gave away Facing the Sun, an anthology of 29 stories, poems, and reminiscences contributed by fellow writers from around the globe.

We want to take this time to thank all of you who took the time to donate, to spread the word and to contribute in other ways to make this fundraiser happen.

About Richard:

Richard is an award winning writer living and working in Nova Scotia. He has a degree in journalism from The University of King’s College, over a thousand bylines, and a national writing award. His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Endless Vacation, WINE Magazine, The Montreal Gazette, and The Halifax Daily News.

He has written and edited three daily environmental business publications for Fortune 1000 executives. He blogs at where he routinely promotes authors through his "25 Questions" interview feature.

Richard was originally diagnosed with a prolactinoma, a non-cancerous pituitary tumor, in 1994, which caused frequent, debilitating migraines and chronic fatigue.

Last year, an MRI revealed that Richard’s tumor had doubled in size, that it was more aggressive, and that it was invading his sinus cavity. In an attempt to avoid, or at least delay, an operation, Richard entered an experimental drug trial. Unfortunately, the results were not what he and his doctors had hoped, and on 5 April he was admitted to surgery.

Thank you,

J.A. Zobair, Wendy Russ, Stephen Parrish